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Snail Mucin Facial Serum with Collagen

Snail Mucin Facial Serum with Collagen

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Anti-aging serum based on collagen and black snail mucin. The serum has a light gel consistency, spreading perfectly over the surface of the face without leaving stickiness or a feeling of congestion. Thanks to the effectively balanced formula, the serum keeps the skin well-groomed, healthy, and radiant.

Black snail mucin helps correct visible signs of age-related changes, increasing the skin's elasticity and density. Snail mucin is also an excellent ingredient for oily skin, as it helps normalize the secretory function of the sebaceous glands and reduce the amount of sebum they produce.

Betulin, derived from birch sap, inhibits the activity of enzymes that destroy collagen and elastin, thereby preventing tissue sagging. Betulin also has lymphatic drainage properties, helping to reduce swelling.

When working in tandem, hyaluronic acid and hydrolyzed collagen retain moisture on the skin's surface, preventing it from drying out. Together, they not only prevent dehydration but also improve the skin's texture, making it smooth.

Galactomyces extract has a range of skincare properties. It improves the skin's barrier function and immunity, helping to deal with local breakouts. Galactomyces significantly enhances the complexion and gives the skin a healthy glow by increasing blood circulation.

The serum also contains rosehip oil, extracts of black bean, ginseng, camellia, gardenia, mallow, thyme, and other natural ingredients.


Application Method: Apply a few drops of the serum to cleansed and toned skin. Use in the morning and/or evening before applying cream.

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